Elite IT support for Businesses with up to 50 computers. ITS is one of south Florida´s Leading computer Consultants delivering technology solutions for small to medium size business.

ITS How much time, money and effort do you spend every year on I.T. staffing?

Information Technology Services has been helping companies such as yours, control and manage the overwhelming and ever rising cost associated with I.T. departments. By allowing Information Technology Services to support, manage and strengthen your I.T. infrastructure, you can tend to the most important aspect of your business; GROWING IT…

Whether you are interested in a partial or completely outsourced I.T. solution, Information Technology Services can help you design, budget for, implement and manage the right I.T. strategy.

Three Basic Ingredients we Guarantee:

  • Extreme Reliability
  • In - Depth Experience & Knowledge
  • Affordable Prices
With us you get fast technical support & on time results you can depend on! YOUR COMPUTER DOCTOR is here to take care of your company´s IT needs.
All our computer technicians are certified.
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