Virtual I.T. Manager

With our virtual I.T. Manager solution, ITS can provide your company with a cost effective , budgetable and practical alternative to your current environment .
This all inclusive state of the art service includes remote server and network administration, basic system performance monitoring, necessary tuning, utility / software updates, onsite PC maintenance and back –up supervision.
This support mechanism could be partially or completely outsourced to ITS, and at your infrastructure beck.



The most important aspect of I.T. consulting is getting it the first time. Methodology that us certain to provide you with a strategy that will meet or exceed your needs, while staying within your stringent budget requirements.
All of our consultative projects begin with a Business flow and Needs analysis. This is conducted using competitive base knowledge of your industry as well asking you in-depth questions concerning all aspects of your particular company including strategy, business model, forecast, trends, and all pertinent information regarding your current technology and infrastructure.



Once your company is connected to the internet, even if you are not running an E-commerce website, you become a target. You not only have to worry about unauthorized access into your network and systems resulting in theft of valuable, confidential and/or proprietary information, but also about the threat of catastrophic downtime and data loss due to virus infection, sabotage of data and/or websites, or use of your systems to launch distributed denial of service (Dos) attacks against others, and more…
You do not have to be a target, ITS can help identify and crack down on any and all possible threats to our infrastructure.


Security Consulting & Auditing

Network Hardening (Intrusion Detection Services)
Server Hardening
Router Configurations
Hardware and Software Monitoring
Firewall Management
Virtual Private Network
Point to Point Networks
Virus Protection
Personnel Authentication
Business Continuity
Network and Security Center Roll-out


  • IT Consulting
  • Remote or On-site Managed Services
  • Disaster Prevention & Recovery)
  • Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Local Area Network Administration
  • Cat 5.x, 6.x and FDDI Cabling
  • Server Consolidation & Management
  • Wireless LAN Site Development